Winged Foot Fine-Tues Irrigation for Championship Conditions READ MORE Winged Foot Fine-Tunes Irrigation FOR cHAMPIONSHIP CONDITIONS Flo-Manager WATCH VIDEO How to Use Dynamic Flo-Manager® & Increase Life Expectancy in Rain Bird Central Control to Save Money New 752 Rotor READ MORE 75% Faster Nozzle Changes Introducing the 752 Rotor IFX Board Satellite Alert! Remote Monitoring LEARN MORE ALERT! Remote Monitoring Ensures Uninterrupted Irrigation ICI+ One Interface, Expansive Possibilities Continuous Innovation for the Future WATCH VIDEO Rain Bird Rotors Continuous Innovation for the Future

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Winged Foot Fine-Tunes Irrigation for Championship Conditions

“It’s that public display, that we’re out there every day, that really drives me. We don’t want to put a bad foot forward, there’s no redo button for us. It’s a playing surface that we’re producing and water’s the biggest part of that. Nobody wants to play on something that’s soft, everybody wants green, firm and fast. And there’s a very fine line to that.” — Stephen Rabideau, CGCS, Director of Golf Courses, Winged Foot Golf Club

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