In partnership with the NZSTI and The R&A, the Certificate In Greenkeeping was launched in 2018 with the specific aim of improving the professional knowledge of greenkeeping staff and providing an educational framework for the golf greenkeeping industry in the region.

Rob Weik’s, SEA Area Manager for Rain Bird, has been involved in the Vietnam turf industry since 2008 providing him with a unique perspective and deep insights into the challenges and opportunities within the field of golf course management.

Rob’s observations and beliefs emphasize the following key points:

Education and Professional Development: Education standards and continuous learning are crucial for the growth and development of future turf managers. His experience underscores the importance of structured programs like the Certificate In Greenkeeping in providing the knowledge and skills needed for effective turfgrass management.

Commitment to the Industry: Active participation in initiatives like the Certificate In Greenkeeping demonstrates Rain Bird’s unwavering commitment to the golf course management industry in the Southeast Asian region. This commitment is crucial for the industry’s advancement.

Emphasis on Sustainability: The recognition of sustainable practices as a vital component of golf course management reinforces the industry’s responsibility towards environmental conservation and resource management, especially water conservation via intelligent irrigation decision making processes.

Appreciation for Superintendents: My appreciation for the work of superintendents acknowledges their pivotal role in maintaining the quality and playability of golf courses. Their professional development through education is an investment in the future of the industry.

Specifics of the course:

For the 2023 Vietnamese intake, Rob’s key role was to provide evidence by comparing learner performance to the requirements of the tasks using his knowledge and experience. This included two local superintendents of differing turf education backgrounds.

Educational Framework: The program spanned 12 months and included a 5-day induction followed by modules covering various aspects of greenkeeping, such as golf course ecology, leading greenkeeping staff, turf surface management, sports turf rootzone and soil water management, pests, weeds, diseases, and disorders. It culminated in a final exam and specified presentation and skills assessment.

In summary, Rob’s role in this initiative not only showcases Rain Bird’s dedication to the golf greenkeeping industry but also underscores the critical role of education and sustainability in turfgrass management in the Southeast Asian region.