Rain Bird Golf has introduced a new rotor series designed to provide top performance, simplicity and convenience for golf courses everywhere. Featuring Rapid-Adjust and MemoryArc® technology, the new 952 Series Rotors can be set at full-circle (360°) or part-circle arcs (30° to 345°) in just seconds with the turn of a screw, making it possible to install the 952 Series throughout the entire course.

“Combining full-circle and part-circle capability results in less maintenance, greater versatility and ease of use – all in one rotor,” said Jeff Lawson, marketing manager for Rain Bird Golf. “Incorporating our legendary quality and innovation, they deliver unmatched performance for the most optimal course playing conditions.”

Rain Bird has integrated multiple design improvements into the 952 Series, including enhanced distribution uniformity, reduced dwell time and a crisp edge performance for superior playing conditions and healthier turf. Simplicity is built into the 952 Series with a self-adjusting stator and a single nozzle set for use across the entire course. Consistent rotation speeds optimise performance, while the rotors’ wide range of throw provides greater installation flexibility with fewer parts to stock. Because the 952 Series’ internals are designed with Rain Bird’s Timeless Compatibility™, these rotors are a no-hassle, no-dig upgrade for courses with its 900/950 Series Rotors already installed.

“The improvements we’ve made to the 952 Series also maximise the potential of Rain Bird’s new CirrusPRO™ central control system,” Lawson adds. “The combination of CirrusPRO and our 952 Series Rotors puts greater control into the hands of the Golf Course Manager than ever before, providing a powerful and precise irrigation solution that improves a course’s watering time with rotations and ET, for example.”

The 952 Series includes three models, including an IC version compatible with the Rain Bird® IC System™ which connects irrigation central control directly to every rotor and valve for optimal water and energy efficiency. Electric and Stopamatic (SAM) models are also available. All 952 Series rotors are top serviceable with a snap-cover design that allows for quick access to internal components.

“Rain Bird is continuing its long tradition of designing and engineering the most innovative rotors in the golf irrigation industry,” Lawson says. “In today’s demanding market, courses need rotors that they can depend on day in and day out. With the 952 Series, we’re giving them just that.”

For more information about Rain Bird Golf’s 952 Series Rotors or its many other water-efficient products for golf course irrigation, visit rainbird.com/golf.