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Go behind the scenes with top turf pros to see what it takes to create and maintain the world’s most breathtaking golf courses. From complete golf course renovations to improved water conservation, explore their stories of success.

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    Opened in 1996, Hof Hausen vor der Sonne Golf sits in the richly wooded uplands of Germany, a region famed for its mineral springs and spa resorts and steeped in ancient history—with a castle, abbey, monuments, and Roman fortifications.

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Making a Splash

Nick Dolimpio, Director of Golf Course Maintenance & Grounds

CirrusPRO has been one of the best changes to our life on the golf course. If I'm late to dinner and don't have time to set irrigation up, I can do that at home. It's really opened up our life.

Kevin Stotts, Links Superintendent

The new system provides us with the latest in irrigation technology, giving us much greater insights and data capture capabilities, meaning that we can make measured and informed decisions.

Lorabeth Catterson, Assistant Director of Agronomy

You have to fix your water before you can really fix your soil.

John MacLachlan, Head Greenkeeper

The new system has made a massive difference to us and is a 100% improvement on what we had. I can’t praise it enough.

Blair Kirby, Director of Agronomy

We knew there was a problem before the grass knew there was a problem. We’re able to react so much faster.

Jason Zimmerman, Director of Greens & Grounds

Our new Rain Bird IC System gives us individual head control, allowing us to spot and address any issues quickly — for us, that’s huge.

Jennifer Torres, Golf Course Superintendent

Now that we have a Rain Bird system, I actually like it better. It’s easier to create programs and a lot more user-friendly.

Tom Gilchrist, Course Manager

We used to put a lot of work into fairways but never really saw the rewards — but with reliable irrigation and uniform coverage, that’s all changing.

Christian Mueller, Head Greenkeeper

CirrusPRO allows me to adjust our irrigation so precisely that I get optimal playing surface quality.

Phil Cuffare, Director of Agronomy

From service to repairs to ease of operation, the system is incredible. It’s mind-blowingly easy.

Phil Cuffare, Director of Agronomy

The Rain Bird team was very sensitive to aesthetics and having fewer control boxes on the course.