Carnoustie Golf Links Announces Partnership with John Deere and Rain Bird

Carnoustie Golf Links, a flagship for innovation and sustainable management, has joined forces with Rain Bird and John Deere, aligning world leading irrigation, turf care and greenkeeping expertise in a major strategic partnership for the golf industry. The three organizations share long and impressive histories built on innovation, and are combining their strengths in this landmark partnership which will see a major investment in irrigation, greenkeeping and development of the game of golf at Carnoustie.


The Club at Admirals Cove Targets Where They Need Water with Rain Bird IC System

The Club at Admirals Cove uses Rain Bird's IC System to stretch their fixed allotment of water across two golf courses - 200 acres of turf. With a fixed resource, they have to be "smart about how [they] water and when [they] water". With the Rain Bird IC System and 751 rotors, they can target


Old Marsh Golf Club Chose Rain Bird’s IC System to Ensure Efficient Management of Water

Old Marsh Golf Club was built in an environmentally sensitive area where the county controls how much water sits on their property.  The strict regulation on their water resource led them to choose Rain Bird's IC System - providing them with "tremendous flexibility to put water where [they] want it without wasting it" - conserving tomorrow's water

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