Following a topographical system analysis and other investigations conducted by specialist consultants, Carnoustie Golf Links completed the process of upgrading the world-famous Carnoustie Championship Course with the most advanced irrigation technologies.

Benefiting from CirrusPRO Central Control and combined with the IC System, which enables sophisticated real-time, two-way communications between the central control and other components.

This provides Links Superintendent, Kevin Stott, and Irrigation Technician, Steven Sutherland, with the ultimate in-field control.

Mar 20

Carnoustie + Rain Bird

Carnoustie Golf Links upgrading irrigation at the world-famous Carnoustie Championship Course

Mar 20

Carnoustie + Rain Bird

Carnoustie Golf Links choose to work with Rain Bird because of its commitment to ‘The Intelligent Use of Water’

Oct 13

Excavation Begins

Excavation work starts to take place for the new pump house

Oct 17

Butt Wedling Mainline Pipes

MJ Abbott begins the process of butt welding all of the mainline pipes

Oct 17

Sprinkler Replacement

How Carnoustie digs out the old head and then plugs the hole with a new piece of turf

Oct 19

Mainline Pipe Installation

MJ Abbott begins laying the mainline pipes

Oct 19

Earth Rod Installation

The first earth rod went in the ground

Oct 24

Excavation of Buckthorn

Excavation of buckthorn beside Buddon practice green

Nov 02

Mainline Trenching

MJ Abbott continuing with the mainline trench

Nov 02

Sprinkler Positioning

Holes 8 to 12 were marked out in preparation

Nov 10

Apprentices Hard at Work

Brandon and Kyan, have been working hard, digging out in preparation for fitting up the new sprinklers

Nov 15

Mole Ploughing

Ploughing begins on the 9th Green

Nov 15

Digging to Identify Services

MJ Abbott dig out investigation trenches to expose any underground services

Nov 15

Mainline at Championship Course

The mainline now hits The Carnoustie Championship Course!

Nov 15

Installation of Sprinklers

Installation of the first sprinklers!

Nov 15

Installation of Valve Boxes

Valve boxes have been installed behind the 9th Green

Nov 23

Drilling of Boreholes

Drilling of the first borehole began in November at the far west end of the courses and now the second has been completed

Nov 23

Holes 7 & 8

Installation of lateral pipework and sprinklers on holes 7 and 8 completed.

Jan 20

Water Tank Base Installation

Concrete base in for the water tanks

Jan 26

Irrigation Install at 6th Hogan Tee

While rebuilding 6th Hogan Tee, new irrigation was also installed.

Feb 02

New Pump House

New pump house is starting to take shape

Feb 02

Navigating Jockie’s Burn

New sprinklers being installed on the 3rd Hole by Jockie’s Burn

Feb 09

Rain Bird Masterclass

Rain Bird hosted an exclusive masterclass at the iconic Carnoustie Golf Links, providing greenkeepers with an unparalleled opportunity to learn about the latest technologies and witness the remarkable recent renovations at this prestigious golfing destination.

Feb 10

Installation of CirrusPRO

MJ Abbott have now installed the Central Control System

Feb 13

18th Hole Sprinkler Install

Sprinkler install on the 18th hole of The Carnoustie Championship Course