Remote access to Rain Bird central control is as convenient as the Internet, with Rain Bird’s MI Series Mobile Controller software. This software runs on the central control computer to provide remote irrigation control via any web-enabled mobile device. Available in Advanced and Professional versions, users can activate sprinklers and programs; view which sprinklers and programs are running; review how much water they are using and how long they have been active.

MI Software

Rain Bird MI FREEDOM Extended Commands*:

31 (Runtime Data): This command allows users to change default station run time as well as modify cycle and soak settings, water-budget settings and implement a “temporary station adjust” to any station in the field.

32 (Device Data): This command facilitates modification to the number of valves on a specific station from the field.

33 (Rotor Data): This command allows users to correct rotor attribute data while on the golf course.  Modification options include rotor type (series), pressure and nozzle size.

34 (ICM Data): This command allows the user to change an ICM address or add a new IC module without being at the central computer. A user can connect and test the new IC Module before the surrounding area is back filled.

51 (Course, Hole Area or Station Status): This command allows users to view the status of activity currently taking place at the course level, at the hole level, in an area or at the station level. For user convenience the flow and number of currently active stations are presented for each level when the command is executed. Examples:  Entering “51 Send”: will show what holes are active as well as the total flow and the total number of stations active on the course.  Entering “51#1 Send” will show what areas are active for hole 1 and provide hole 1 flow and active station count. Entering “51#1#3 Send” will provide a list of the active and incomplete stations on hole 1 area 3 along with the flow and active station count for hole 1 area 3. Lastly, entering “51#1#3#1 Send” will provide the Active / Idle status of hole 1 – area 3 – station 1. If Active the station flow, posted, completed and remaining run time will also be presented.

37 (Program Data):  This command accesses program data and facilitates setting or modifying the Automatic and ET attributes, days of the week, adding or adjusting program start and stop times as well as implementing temporary water-budget adjustments to the program.  This command can also be used to modify schedule parameters inside the program. To access program 1 users can enter 37#1 or to access schedule 2 of program 3 users can enter 37#3#2.

57 (Program Status):  Identifies what schedules are currently running for the selected program as well as what is left to run.

*Command functions are described for users with Cirrus Family Golf Central Control version 8.0.3 or higher and MI version 4.5 software.

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Overview of the MI Software

Features of Area Stations in MI Software

MI FREEDOM Station Commands 1-6

MI Freedom Extended Commands

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