Do you remember to backup your database? Do you backup your database every day?

Rain Bird GSP has created a worry free solution.

They are now offering daily automatic database backups for your Rain Bird irrigation computer as long as your computer is connected to the internet.

These daily backups will not interfere with your Rain Bird Golf Software or run times. If your computer were ever to stop working, don’t be left having to rebuild your database.

With this new complimentary service for GSP Members, you will be able to receive your most recent database loaded on a replacement computer. For Non GSP members, GSP will email you the most current backup of your software.

Non-GSP Members can take advantage of this new service for a limited time for just $24.00 a month.

Interested? Email and get started today.

Gain true peace of mind knowing if an event occurs, your central control database will not be lost.