All Rain Bird Golf valve-in-head rotors are equipped with a top adjustable pressure regulator. Rotors are manufactured and sold with two factory settings, 4.8 Bars and 5.5 Bars. The pressure setting is set at the factory, tested, then color coded. Pressure setting is indicated by paint color on the PRS selector.

Factory Color Coding:

Blue paint represents a factory pressure setting of 4.8 Bars while white paint represents a pressure setting of 5.5 Bars. If the PRS assembly was purchased as a spare part there will be no color coding and the pressure will need to be set.

Blue = 4.8 Bars

White = 5.5 Bars

PRS Adjustment:

In order to adjust pressure settings you will need a flat-head (slotted) screwdriver with a 6.5mm blade. Pressure settings are fully adjustable by using the PRS adjustment screw located on the selector stem of the PRS. Increase pressure by turning the screw clockwise and decrease pressure by turning the screw counterclockwise. Each full turn (360 degrees) of the screw if approximately .7 Bars.

When pressure adjustments are made, they should be documented and changed within the station detail in the Rain Bird Central Control System.

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