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  • Landscape view of a hole on the Westlake Golf and Country Club golf course

    When course superintendent Jennifer Torres came to New Jersey’s Westlake Golf & Country Club four years ago, she found an irrigation system that was aging and fragile — one that had taken a number of serious lightning strikes over the course of two decades.

  • View of a hole at Golf Club Wien newly renovated with Rain Bird’s golf course irrigation

    Vienna has a continental climate. It’s the warmest, driest place in Austria, and Golf Club Wien is located in the warmest, driest part of the city. Add these challenging conditions to an outdated irrigation system that’s unable to apply water uniformly, and you can quickly see why the club needed a reliable, effective long-term solution that enables the greenkeeping team to create and maintain consistent playing surfaces.

  • Pebble Beach hosts the 78th U.S. Women's Open for the first time. The Women in Turf team return for the third year to help with the maintenance crew. Here some of the volunteer stories and takeaways.