Project Details

Tony Nysse

Installation Date

Rain Bird Products Installed:

  • Cirrus™
  • Integrated Control (IC) System
  • MI Series™ Mobile Controllers
  • 751 Series Rotors
  • 5000 Plus Rotors
  • RD1800 Sprays
  • Rain Watch Weather Sensor
  • WS-PRO LT Weather Station



Opened in 1987, Old Marsh Golf Club has been hosting world-class golf for decades. The golf course is located in an environmentally-sensitive marshland, so Superintendent Tony Nysse is tasked with maintaining an exceptional-looking course while ensuring his crew’s work does not damage the vegetation or wildlife of nearby ecosystems.

In 2012, the club installed a competing satellite system, trenching new wire but leaving the existing pipe in place. As they considered a more substantial renovation in 2016 to raise the course, they discussed bringing every element of their renovation up to modern-day standards, from grass mixes to bunker designs and more. With the goal of modernizing all aspects of the golf course, Tony started researching two-wire technology from the top two golf irrigation manufacturers.


“With the IC System there is 90% less wire, so that means 90% less wire problems.”

— Tony Nysse, Superintendent



Installing a new Rain Bird IC Systemhelped Old Marsh Golf Club bring their irrigation system up to modern day technology while meeting several key criteria for their renovation.

Being more efficient with water and having advanced diagnostics were the key considerations for the course during planning. Today, the system’s real-time diagnostics let the crew check the status of every rotor in a matter of seconds, keeping them one step ahead of any issues in the field by finding problems before they happen. Combine that with the system’s single-head control, and the course now has a much greater ability to maintain elite playing conditions while minimizing water use.

As the brains behind their IC System, Rain Bird’s Cirrus Central Control makes it easy for Tony’s crew to build and adjust programs as seasons and conditions change. And with integrated Rain Watch technology, their Central Control measures precipitation in real-time and automatically adjusts irrigation schedules when rainfall hits pre-determined thresholds. This saves the course even more water with no work required, giving Tony piece of mind when he is setting up his system to water at night.

For Tony, the benefits of his new system go beyond water savings. The IC System eliminates the need for satellites or hubs, which means the marshland course no longer needs to worry about protecting hubs or satellites when flooding occurs. It also removes boxes from the course’s picturesque views.

With up to 90% less wire than a satellite system, common wire issues are less of a concern now. “That was one of the big things that made me choose the IC System,” said Tony. “With satellites, we would only go to them when there was a problem. There are no satellites to repair and that is a huge saving to Old Marsh.”

Offering easy expandability, Old Marsh Golf Club can add to their new system by tapping into any existing wire. So as they work to master their playing conditions and their water use, their options are endless.