Golf course superintendents now have a much-needed option for watering smaller areas of the course, like tee boxes and greens. Available in a variety of models, Rain Bird’s new 500/550 Series rotors are the only valve-in-head golf course rotors on the market today offering a radius of 28 to 49 feet (8.5 to 14.9 meters).

Rockrimmon Golf Club

“The reintroduction of the Rain Bird 500/550 series was an absolute life saver for us” said Tyler Anderson, Golf Course Superintendent at The University of Texas Golf Club. “Our new ‘Speith Lower 40’ short course project provided many challenges in what we could and could not irrigate efficiently due to total turf area. The 500/550 series allows us to water small, very tight areas of highly maintained turf with extreme precision. I have complete comfort knowing quality golf rotors are able to effectively irrigate small areas”

Rain Bird 500/550 Series rotors feature robust, reliable construction, top-serviceable arc adjustment and pressure regulation, as well as easy access to internal components.

As with Rain Bird’s 700/751 Series and EAGLE™ 900/950 Series rotors, Rain Bird 500/550 Series rotors offer IC models that are compatible with Rain Bird’s popular Integrated Control System™  that connects the central control system directly to every rotor and valve. Other available models include Block, SAM/Hydraulic, and Electric versions. Because the 500/550 Series rotors share a common platform with Rain Bird’s 700/751 Series, they incorporate all the improvements the company has made to its golf rotors over the past decade.

“The 500/550 Series nozzles offer higher flow rates and emit larger water droplets that cut through wind.”

-Kumar Sitaraman, Product Manager, Rain Bird Golf

Rain Bird engineers its products with Timeless Compatibility™, which means golf courses can install new 500/550 internal assemblies in existing Rain Bird rotor cases installed as far back as 1992. This allows golf courses to upgrade to the latest technology without having to dig up cases already in the ground.

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