Access the Latest Technology without a Major Overhaul

The Rain Bird PAR+ES Satellite has been updated with advanced technology, featuring a new IFX Board that communicates with Rain Bird’s new ICI+ (Integrated Control Interface Plus) interface and is also backwards compatible with the MIM (MAXI™ Interface Module) interface.

Upgrade Without a Major Overhaul

Whether you’re expanding your course or looking for a cost-effective way to renovate with minimum disruption to play, with the new ICI+, you can upgrade your Rain Bird Two-Wire Satellite or LINK™ Satellite (radio) system to the latest IC System™ technology by simply swapping interface boards and connecting IC Rotors, IC Valves and IC CONNECT™ to the existing satellite MAXI™ Cable*.

Access the Latest Technology

IFXNow Rain Bird satellite courses can access the future-forward technology offered by IC and IC CONNECT by upgrading to the ICI+ interface and simply installing the new IFX Board at a fraction of the cost. This gives you access to the advanced diagnostics of the IC System, and with IC CONNECT (IC-IN and IC-OUT devices) you can manage integrated control sensor inputs to collect information from your course and turn non-irrigation products on and off.

Flexible Design

Want even more flexibility? Our exclusive ICI+LINK and LINK 900 MHz radios give you greater design options without the need for additional communication wires or license requirements. And with the option to add an ICI+ Two-Wire Board to the ICI+LINK, you can manage the IC System, Two-Wire Satellites, LINK Satellites or any combination of all three from one interface.

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* The IFX Board is compatible with all Rain Bird PAR+ES, PAR+ and MSC+ Satellites, and is standard in all new PAR+ES satellites.