Deliver water more precisely even when obstacles stand in the way. The new low angle nozzle housing kit for Rain Bird® 751 Series Rotors allows you to lower the angle of any standard nozzle to 15°. This lower trajectory overcomes obstacles such as tree branches, bunkers, mounds and/or elevation changes which can prevent irrigation from reaching the intended area. In windy conditions, the lower trajectory angle also minimizes wind drift. The kit contains everything you need for easy installation. All standard 751 nozzles will work with this new low angle housing.

“Wind, elevation changes and obstacles like mounds, bunkers and trees can make it difficult to apply water evenly throughout the course,” said Altan Tolan, rotor product manager for Rain Bird Golf. “Installing our new low angle nozzle housing lowers a 751 Series rotor’s spray trajectory, making it easier to direct water under trees or weather stations, fight the wind and improve coverage around mounds and bunkers. All golf courses have different challenges when it comes to efficient irrigation, our new low angle nozzle housing kit is another example of how we’re continuously innovating new products that help superintendents maintain beautiful, more playable courses with less water.”

Improve Distribution in Windy Conditions

Lowering the angle of the nozzle reduces wind drift allowing more water to go where it’s intended.

Easy to Install

Using a screwdriver remove the standard nozzle housing, replace with new low angle nozzle housing. The kit includes pre-installed Dual Spreader™ nozzle and stator/poppet.

Optimize for Course Conditions

Avoid overspray on tree branches or weather stations and deliver precise irrigation to difficult to reach areas with a lower angle throw.