Every U.S. Golf Course that renews their GSP plan between June 5th and September 30th will be automatically entered into our Summer Giveaway Promotion*. Ask your Rain Bird Golf Distributor for more information.

GSP Drawing:

5 Year GSP Plan renewal = 5 entries

3 Year GSP Plan renewal = 3 entries

1 Year GSP Plan renewal = 1 entry

Drawing will take place Oct 2, 2017 and winners will be notified by phone/email the week of October 2nd.

Grand Prize – 70” Dell Touch Screen TV

Grand Prize: One 70″ Dell Touch Screen TV. Other prizes include: (5) iPads, (5) Apple watches, (10) Rain Bird Stainless Steel Coolers, and (10) Nike Pullovers.

Grand Prize will be drawn first, followed by the other prizes.

*Limited to one prize per Golf Course. LIMITED GSP Plan renewals will not qualify for this promotion.

“All my experiences with this service have been great. They really understand how important it is to get the system functioning properly and very quickly.  Much quicker than I ever expected.”

 -Larry Shepherd, Scotsdale Golf Course

“The GSP plan and service is an extremely vital tool that I recommend to all Superintendents looking for added protection and expert knowledge to their irrigation system. The service technicians are a phone call away with answers to any issue that could arise with your Rain Bird system and components. They help you maintain the heart of your golf course 24 hours a day so you can focus your efforts to other aspect of managing a golf course.”

 -Alex Tucker, Rain Bird Golf Distributor at Turfwerks


As a Rain Bird GSP member, you can take advantage of members’ only benefits to help you maintain the health of your central control system, maximize your system’s performance, and use water intelligently.

Choose from a one year, three year, or five year plan. Plans include a Dell™ desktop irrigation computer equipped with Intel® Core™ technology and Rain Bird software installed, tested and ready to use. Annual and monthly payments may be available in some areas, but please check with your local Rain Bird Golf distributor for availability.

Here are just some of the features of our GSP Standard Plan

Next Business Day Hardware Replacement.* If any Rain Bird central control hardware component covered under the GSP warranty becomes inoperable, a loaner will be delivered to your course the next business day.

Customer Satisfaction Policy.** Extend the life of your irrigation system without purchasing new equipment. The GSP warranty covers the Rain Bird irrigation computer, ICI, MIM™, MIM-X, The FREEDOM System™ repeater, MDI™, LDI, SDI and the Line Termination Box.

24-Hour Emergency Paging Service.*** When an urgent service situation arises, you don’t have to wait until standard business hours to get help from our GSP Team. We’re available nights, weekends, and holidays to help you solve your emergency irrigation issues.

“[GSP] . . . got me up and running very quickly! I am grateful!  RB GSP has been a lifesaver for the 15 years we have had it here.”

 -Gene Scarborough, Lake Marion Golf Course

Remotely Secured Database Back-Up Service.  Securely store your Rain Bird irrigation files with GSP and reduce or even eliminate the time needed to reprogram system settings and schedules should a loss of data occur. One call to GSP will have a copy of your irrigation files sent via next business day delivery service or uploaded via GSP’s remote access software.

Remote System Diagnostics. GSP Engineers can remotely access your central control computer when issues can’t be resolved over the phone and get your irrigation system functioning properly.

Toll-Free Remote Technical Support For Your Entire Rain Bird Irrigation System. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Local business hours, Monday – Friday, normal business days. Get answers, instruction, or assistance from a team of industry certified GSP Engineers to help you maximize your central control system’s features and capabilities. Save time and solve irrigation problems while you’re on the green with a toll-free call to Rain Bird’s GSP Team. Bilingual support is also available. This feature now includes support for your Rain Bird pump station at no additional charge

“It’s great to know that GSP service is there for us when we need the help. We’ll continue this service.”

 -Justin Murray, Tchefuncta Country Club

Complimentary MI Series Mobile Controller Software. One Professional and one Advance License is included with your GSP Membership. This Software runs on your central control computer to provide remote irrigation control via a web-enabled cell phone or tablet.

20% Board Exchange Program Discount. Replacing circuit boards is easy and affordable with our Board Exchange Program, and as a Global Service Plan customer, you will receive a 20% discount off list prices on all Board Exchange Program orders. Feel free to visit our on line store http://servicesstore.rainbird.com/

Rain Bird Central Control Certified Start-Up. At the time of the initial start-up of your Rain Bird irrigation system, an authorized Rain Bird service person will conduct an on-site, thorough inspection to certify that your central control system installation meets Rain Bird specifications. Additional costs may apply. Contact your local Rain Bird Golf Distributor for pricing.

“GSP has been a great tool and peace of mind with a new IC system. Having GSP is a must as a superintendent.”

-Curtis Harder, Blue Bell Country Club

*Next business day service may not be available to all areas/countries.

**Rain Bird’s standard and extended warranty is to repair or replace the covered items that fail in normal use. It does not cover lightning, surge damage, theft or misuse. This commitment to repair or replace is our sole and total warranty. Rain Bird will not, under any circumstances, be liable for the incidental or consequential damages, no matter how they occur. You can, however, take advantage of the loaner program for replacement equipment while your equipment is being repaired.

***The term emergency is used to define a situation where a user is experiencing an inoperable central control system.