Effective March 4th 2019, Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply will be the exclusive distributor for Rain Bird Golf irrigation products and pump stations in the state of Georgia. Ewing will stock a robust inventory of products as well as provide high-level training and service to current and future Rain Bird customers in the market.

“We’re pleased that Ewing will now be distributing our products throughout Georgia, which is an important golf market for Rain Bird,” said Stuart Hackwell, National Sales Manager for Rain Bird Golf. “Ewing has a strong reputation in the golf course industry, and its staff has a proven record of providing top-notch support to superintendents and golf course maintenance personnel.”

Ewing will carry Rain Bird Golf’s full irrigation product line in this market, offering fully-integrated solutions to address the challenges of both new installations and renovations. Products include Rain Bird’s golf Central Control Systems, IC (Integrated Control) System™, field control systems, rotors, valves, pumps and much more. Courses will also benefit from Rain Bird’s Timeless Compatibility™, which makes it possible to update or modify an irrigation system while integrating existing Rain Bird components.

“We’re confident that our customers in Georgia will truly benefit from our relationship with Ewing,” Hackwell said. “It’s our goal to provide highly efficient irrigation systems that improve course playability while minimizing water bills and labor costs. Partnering with Ewing helps us deliver those benefits in this region.”