Rain Bird Smart Pump: Gain Real-Time Communication between Pump and Central

With Rain Bird’s Smart Pump Software, prevent pipe breaks from becoming a disaster for your course. Offering the only pump hardware and software made by one team of developers, a Rain Bird system can detect changes in flow and respond instantly with custom alerts and even alter or shut off irrigation.


Running Your Central with Evapotranspiration (ET) Saves Time and Money

With optimum levels proactively maintained, inputs will be lower and playing conditions improved. Less water and electricity will be consumed and remedial works such as chemicals and cultural practices will be minimized. Rain Bird Central Control allows for the user to set a required water use deficit on each program, area and even every station if required. This allows the Central to accurately apply just the required amount proactively to deliver consistent turf and playing conditions. When directly linked to a Rain Bird weather station this can be done automatically delivering peace of mind and ease of use for the user. Simply tick the box and allow Rain Bird to look after the turf before course staff and the golfers even notice the requirements.

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