Golf course superintendents can now enjoy improved mapping capabilities and an enhanced user interface with Rain Bird’s new Central Control Version 8 software. This software includes new features that give superintendents greater control over their irrigation systems, and includes most features that were previously optional at no additional cost. To ensure the best possible remote user experience, Rain Bird has also updated its popular Mobile Interface (MI) product to Version 4.5.

“Our simplified map creation and navigation significantly improves the user experience,” said Scott Rottler, senior product manager for Rain Bird’s Golf Division. “The ability to visualize and manage irrigation directly from the new map interface gives the user complete control, from creating programs and adding schedules to implementing temporary adjustments or manually operating the system.”
  1. Timeless Compatibility™
    The software builds upon Rain Bird’s Timeless Compatibility™ commitment. Upgraded central control software will work with any previously installed Rain Bird Golf products, as well as future Rain Bird Golf technologies.
  2. Total Flow
    Golf courses with multiple pump stations now have the option of a simultaneous view of Pump Capacity, Controlled Flow, Total Flow, Step, and Pump Status for each pump station.
  3. Full Minute Manual
    Users activating a manual run for a station or area from the Front Office, Map, Freedom™ System or MI™ will observe system operation for the total minutes desired, ending at the same second that the manual activation was initiated.
  4. Temporary Program & Schedule Adjust
    Irrigation managers can now define how many days program and schedule adjustments should run by creating a temporary water budget.  The software will automatically return the program/schedule back to its base water budget value when complete and eliminates the need to manually reverse the changes.
  5. Improved User Experience
    Simplifying the user experience and reducing the purchase complexity are important to Rain Bird.  The new central control software includes most of the previously available software module options at no additional cost and with no additional key codes required.
  6. New Mapping User Interface
    Navigating the irrigation map has never been easier.  Navigation feels similar to using many popular online mapping applications.  Fast and direct operations using a computer mouse allow the user to pan the image, zoom in / zoom out, make a selection or activate irrigation, all without having to select action tools.
  7. Multiple Map Creation
    An advanced feature of the new version 8 map software gives users the ability to create multiple versions of the same map or create multiple maps that are not linked to each other.  Depending on the situation at the facility either or both options could be utilized to further customize the user experience.
  8. Easy Map Configuration
    Population and modification of irrigation entities on the map is easier than ever.  The new map software allows the user to simply drag markers for holes, areas, stations, rotors, pumps, flow zones and satellites from the tree-view and drop them onto the map.  If modifications were made to the course users can quickly change the marker locations by dragging to the new location.
  9. Quick & Easy Program/Schedule Creation
    Creating, deleting or copying programs and schedules from the tree-view on the map are accomplished quickly and easily.  Users can use the QuickIRR program creator from the map or the more traditional standard program creator.  Simply select multiple stations from the map and quickly add them to the new schedule in the station order they were selected.
  10. New Map Measure Tool
    Single area measurement is a breeze with the new Map Measure Tool.  With three clicks of the mouse users can measure entire areas or individual areas defined by background SHP files.  This feature makes calculations for chemical application quick and easy.

Contact your local Rain Bird distributor or Rain Bird’s GSP team at (866) GSP-XPRT or to learn more about Rain Bird Golf’s new Central Control software or how to update your existing system.